Sunday, January 27, 2013

Giveaway #4 and 3 Winners!!

Have you all been enjoying our Blogiversary celebration?? I know we sure have!

Last week Angie from Chaotic Creations offered up 3 handmade Reader Girl bookmarks and Connie added a gift card to Starbucks for each winner.

Congratulations to our 3 winners!

We love to read and we also love our readers and it's been so fun to interact with you all and get everyone excited for our giveaways.

That being said, we have one last giveaway. And then it's back to boring! I kid, I kid! We're not boring. Just go to our GoodReads account and read our bio. We're fabulous.

If you like our page on facebook we have all the links to other places you can find us. We're everywhere!

On to the last giveaway! This one's a REAL LOSER. Hahaha. Just joshin' ya. (remember that saying? yikes, no wonder it went extinct.)

I can joke like that because it's from my shop and I can make fun of my own stuff. So there. all is pretty cute. It's one of my ruffle totes and I thought it would be a perfect book bag for the reader.

I actually use one for a library bag. Yes. I still go to the library. Whatever.

Anyway, you can go to my Cursing Crafter (that's my shop's name) fan page on FB to see some of the things that I make. I have an etsy but until I get it sort of back up and in order after taking the last 6 months or so to do some craft fairs and boutiques it is in vacation mode. It's not mandatory but I would love if you'd please like my page!

Here's the link for Cursing Crafter's Etsy. Feel free to add me to your circle or favorites if you like.

Anyway, here's the tote that is up for someone to win!

Wanna win??

Here's how with Rafflecopter.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck!


  1. I can't believe you made those bags. So cute!!

    And I still go to the library too :)

  2. Those totes are so so cute!! Though the blankets you made look so so soft!

  3. Oh and I got my bookmark the other day-- so so cute!! Now need to find time to read another book so I can use it!

    1. I saw Myya's bookmark today...they're SO nice!!