Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Logophiles Unite

I was hanging out in the book store the other day just soaking up the books. Sometimes, I like to wander around and let books pick me. This is the book that picked me.

I didn't know I was a logophile until I read it inside the front cover. P.S. A Logophile is a word lover! 

See! A brand new word for the word journal!

I had just told my husband a few days before that I used to read the dictionary for fun. He called me crazy but that's okay. I kind of am.

Within the pages of this journal, you'll find questions that are posed to spark creative thinking by drawing upon words, expressions, quotes and ideas. Each entry is designed to pique your curiosity, point out new words and prompt you to write.

So pick up your pen, and document your love of language--one word at a time!



  1. That's a cute book!!
    I love that word....logophile...that could be like the lover of logs....lol.
    I like bibliophile too....book lover!

  2. Great word to add to my francophile, dogophile, etc., vocabulary :) !

  3. What a fun idea! Always fun to know big words to throw around randomly.