Friday, March 8, 2013

Literary Friday: A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

I'm linking up with Ricki from Art @ Home to tell you what I'm reading this weekend. I started this book a few days ago and I'm so excited to curl up with this book and a blanket and a half a dozen cups of hot coffee because the news folks are saying we're getting 14 inches of snow tomorrow.

 I'm stocked up with food and k-cups so I say....BRING IT!

This book came highly recommend by my partner in reading crime, Mimi. We do have similar tastes in books (and politics) so I generally always like what she likes.

I read a passage from the book this morning that made me so happy.  I love her ritual of reading.

Home at last and now it was the time she had been looking forward to all week: fire-escape-sitting time.  She put a small rug on the fire-escape and got the pillow from her bed and propped it against the bars.  Luckily there was ice in the icebox.  She chipped off a small piece and put it in a glass of water.  The pink-and-white peppermint wafers bought that morning were arranged in a little bowl, cracked, but of a pretty blue color.  She arranged glass, bowl and book on the window sill and climbed out on the fire-escape.  Once out there, she was living in a tree. 

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn is the story of Francie and her early life in Brooklyn. She loves to read and buy penny candy. Her family is very poor but they find ways to make some things special. I can't wait to devour this book and learn more about Francie and her family.

This work of fiction by Betty Smith was first published in 1943 and was an immediate best seller and was later made into a movie.  Stay tuned for a full review!

 What are you reading this weekend?


  1. :D I'm looking forward to your full review. I have never read A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, ,and it's a classic! I'm really ashamed of myself. I'm picking it up next time I go to the library!

    Thanks for linking-up!
    I can't wait to see all the drama Monday night.


  2. So have you finished it?? I LOVE IT!! :)