Wednesday, June 5, 2013

School Summer Reading Program

I think I was a Librarian in another life.

A strange calm comes over me whenever I'm in a book store or library and I become giddy when I buy a new book.  The feeling I can't seem to control is my urgency to finish a book so that I can move on the next one.  So many books!  So little time!

I need to find a job where I read for a living.  Oh wait...I already have that job.  What I meant was, I need to find a paying job that lets me read.  That's a dream job right there!

Several months ago, I discovered that the Summer Learning Chair in my PTA was vacant. I know first hand how important it is to keep the kids engaged over the summer.  The Summer Slide is a real problem and I could see it being an even bigger problem in our extremely rigorous school.  The kids work so hard all school year, it'd be a shame for them to lose ground over the summer.

I formed a committee of other Kindergarten Moms that are as passionate about our school as I am.  We planned a number of things...the sale of Summer Bridge Books, Summer Field Trips and my favorite part; a Summer Reading Program!

We picked a theme: Books Are a Hidden Treasure.  This theme for our first Summer Reading Program was special to me because our principal calls our kids treasures, so it seemed appropriate.  I had posters made and I was so excited when I found a pirate cut out that looks remarkably like our principal!  The kids loved having their pictures taken with Pirate Curtis.

Students were asked to sign up for the reading program by filling out a slip and returning it to the office.  When they did this they would receive a packet that contains a reading log, a suggested reading list compiled by their teacher, the PTA and the librarian, a pencil, bookmark, gold coin and a sticker.  All of the goodies and bags were purchased at Oriental Trading Co.

Students are asked to track their daily minutes of reading on their log (K-3rd grade can count minutes of being read to by an adult).  They can also log their weekly minutes on the PTA website and having a friendly competition with their classmates!  Students that turn in their completed log sheets during the first week of school will be invited to an ice cream party during school and will be eligible for a drawing to win a Kindle.  Top readers in each grade will win Barnes and Noble gift cards.

I was so excited when 245 students signed up for our reading program!  I loved delivering the pirate bags and hearing the kids so happy about what was in their goodie bag.  I hope it encourages them to read all summer and turn in their logs.

I think I'll dress up like a pirate for the ice cream party!

Does your school have a Summer Reading Program?


  1. that's so awesome! i'm a children's librarian at a public library and had so much fun planning the summer reading program :)

  2. :D LOVE this, Connie. What a great program for your PTA to sponsor!

    We usually participate in a summer reading program, but not this year. Shelley is changing schools, and they've already assigned summer reading. She'll be a busy lass reading these books over the summer!


  3. LOVe the new look. I just changed my buttons on my blog!