Wednesday, August 21, 2013

My First Flight and a WINNER

My first airplane ride was with my Dad when I was 10 years old.  He had been working on his pilot's license for two years and I'd spent hour upon hour at the Weld County Airport looking at airplanes and watching him take off and land.

I was his first passenger after he got his license, I remember feeling so small in the big leather seat.  He flew a Cessna 150 back then so I'd crane my neck to see out of the window and down to the earth below.  I love the smell of airplane fuel and my Dad let me help him with the check list.

The best part was when he let me hold the yoke and fly the airplane!  I couldn't believe that I was really flying and I loved every moment of it.  Year later, I'd try to get my pilot's license but I started getting air sick.  I've got a log book with a bunch of take offs but no landings.  

The winner of a copy of The Aviator's Wife is.......

Ricki from Art @ Home!!


  1. Whooo.. personal relationship with flying. I have such a fear of it & LOATHE it when I do fly... I always said if I learned to fly, I think I'd feel better about it. More in control.

    Drats... not a winner... looks like I'm headed to Amazon to upload the book :)
    Congrats to the winner

  2. *squee* Thanks so much, Connie!!!! :D YAY!