Thursday, February 2, 2012

Connie Says: MWF Seeks BFF

I confess that when I found this book....I giggled like a school girl.

I will also confess that I used to think that I have trouble making friends.  I know now that this is entirely untrue!  I just need to look for people with common interests and children that like carbs and candy.  It's also helpful if I don't live in Utah.

Who knew?

I really enjoyed reading about Rachel's adventures in friend making and I could see myself doing some of the same things.  In fact I DID do something similar when I lived in Utah.  I was rejected from Mom's Club so I decided to put an ad on

Hi! I'm a married mom of two brilliant children looking for people to chat and eat delicious, preferably chocolate desserts with. The ideal friends will have passion for parenting and a great sense of humor. A love of reality television and a willingness to get out of your pajamas and go to the park with the kids is a must. I'm a Mom's Club Reject that is fairly new to Utah and needs some adult conversation. I like hanging out with my husband but I need some real friends!

I have a 2-year old boy and a 1-year old girl and they would like to meet some like-minded children to play and eat cookies with. We are looking forward to a fun summer of going to the pool, parks and other fun activities!

If you would like to meet up for some summer fun and make some friends, please contact me! If you have been rejected by Mom's Club you are welcome here! Come to a Moms Meetup to share experiences, find advice, give support and make new friends. All moms are welcome!
I had a few people respond and meet me,  but most of them wanted to sell me something.  I did get one real friend out of this deal so all was not lost!

I loved that Rachel joined two book clubs and created a dinner club.  I thought her improv class was a brilliant way to meet people and marveled at how many days a week she was able to go on friend dates without neglecting her new husband. 

The rent-a-friend, made me really uncomfortable.  I don't even think I could have gone through with that one.

One thing that I've found in my search for friendship is that when I find meet people that end up being my friend....we just click!  And sometimes that person doesn't drink coffee...and that's okay.

On a scale of 1 to 5, I give MWF Seeks BFF 3 1/2 awkward hugs.


  1. I'd give it about that too - I enjoyed reading it and decided I need to be a better friend the the ones I have...but that I don't really need to go "looking" for new ones...

  2. I don't drink coffee and I will MAKE you love me. You'll see.

    I started out thinking this book was weird and awkward but then I started relating to her and encouraging her journey. It was cool! Now, I follow her blog and stalk her like the true stalker I am.

    No, I could NEVER pay for an escort (because it totally was an escort!) That was just crazy silly.

  3. LOL! I love that "3 1/2 awkward hugs"!

  4. I agree, finding friends shouldn't be hard-- when you find the right ones, it just clicks! Great review! Love the meet up ad.

  5. Yes, I think being a newlywed my husband would cry if I was gone that much ;) He just doesn't know what to do with himself.

  6. I second your 3 1/2 awkward hugs :) I just finished and though I really liked it, it was slow for me to get through. I did appreciate all the research (love that stuff) but it slowed it down for me. I also liked that is has helped me to evaluate my own relationships and inspired me to reach out to friends I haven't seen in awhile. That has been fun.
    I wish I had known about the "friend index" at the end...that would have helped me at certain moments.