Monday, April 9, 2012

MiMi's Review - 150 Pounds

Did you all think we forgot? Cuz we totally did not forget to do our reviews. **ahemmaybeidid**

Anyway. Review of 150 Pounds. Seems like it's been forever since I read it!

But the thought I have in my head is that I didn't really like it that much. How rude, right?

It was about bloggers. And about weight issues. Seems like it would be right up this fat blogger's alley, huh?
I mean, it has such a pretty cover! What. Are you saying I shouldn't judge a book by it's cover or by the awesome looking pastries on it? Whatever.

Basically this book was a quick read and I didn't feel like it really went too deep into the whole question of "to be fat or not fat" issue.

One character, Alexis, was touting healthy lifestyle, almost to the point of unhealthy. The other was embracing her body at 250 pounds.

I was confused how the heavy girl, Shoshanna, could have been vegetarian and still be so heavy, until I remembered that I could eat Ding Dongs and Ho-Hos all day and never touch meat but still be fat.

Alexis was a complete bitch...dang near the entire book, in my opinion. I mean, she goes through a major transformation in her life, with having a baby, a sick friend and finding her husband, so she does soften, but her character is never really likable which made it hard to ever root for her even when she was going through some crap that the reader was probably supposed to sympathize with her while she dealt with it.

Shoshanna was a fun character, but you know the need for authors to wrap things up with a nice pretty bow. Of course she lost weight. Of course. It just could not be that she stayed heavy and lived a great life.

The part where she inherited an old house and apple orchard was weird...and it helped to try to explain her childhood and what made her her, but it still seemed disjointed to me.

I dunno. Did you all read it? What did you think?

I'm totally stealing a page from Connie's book and rating this by pounds. Remember she rated the last one with awkward hugs?

Anyway. I give this book 2 cupcakes. Cuz 2 isn't bad but wouldn't we all like to eat a dozen?



  1. Dear Mimi,

    My dog ate my book report.



  2. I didnt think about it, but you're right... they could have just left her heavy & had a good life... but I guess it was about the 2 of them coming to the same terms... even though Alexis got 'fat' by being pregnant... lame...

    I enjoyed the book though. Wish Shoshanna woulda found love... with that friend of hers... but whatev :)

    1. I wished she would have found love too! I totally thought it was headed to her friend... Boo.